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A word document will open, print out form and use as needed.

Any comments please contact:

Bureau of Land Management
Walt George, BLM Project Manager
Gateway West Project
P.O. Box 20879
Cheyenne, WY 82003
Phone: (307) 775-6116
E-mail Walt
Web site

Donations are needed and are very appreciated! Please send all contributions to:

Bill Parsons

P/O box 910

Burley, ID 83318


Bob Sager

1143 South 250 East

Burley, ID 83318

Write your legislator today!

There are alternative routes on federal ground

  • North to existing line
  • South to 7r route

Ideas to possibly include

  • Cutting up 100 yr old farms
  • Stray power (electromagnetic field)
  • Effects of power on people and/or cows
  • Change our agronomic practices
  • It cuts up our fields, which will take more money and time to operate.
  • It ultimately cost more money to do our business.
  • It changes irrigation practices.
  • Having to work around towers.
  • Arial spraying becomes difficult and will add more cost.
  • Having to ground spray underlines.
  • Underground mainlines have to be moved where tower foundations are poured.
  • Border burning and stubble burning will could be prohibited
  • Irrigation practices will need to be adjusted telemetry may be affected.
  • Corner machines may loose signal.
  • Shocking of personnel, who touch the pivot, computerized panels affected.
  • Corridor may open up more lines.
  • Electrical pumps shorten life.
  • Bigger weed impact to control.
  • Not compensated properly- BLM and Indians get better deal
  • Put power lines closer to your home than they would a sage grouse nest.
  • Poor right of way tenants (ask people of Power county)
  • Visual effects
  • Recreation impact on South Hills (hang gliding, skiing, camping)
  • Not willing to provide an economic impact study for county
  • Property values will decline
  • GPS affected
  • Will not only affect us but many generations to come
State Legislators
Scott Bedke (R)Assistant Majority LeaderDistrict 27P.O. Box 89

Oakley, ID 83346

Home (208) 862-3619

Fax (208) 862-3688

Denton Darrington (R)District 27302 S. Hwy 77Declo, ID  83323

Home (208) 654-2712

Fred Wood (R)District 27P.O. Box 1207Burley, ID 83313-0828

Home (208) 312-1056

Fax (208) 677-3136

National Representatives
Twin Falls OfficeSenator Mike Crapo202 Falls Ave. Ste. 2Twin Falls, ID  83301

Phone: (208) 734-2515

Twin Falls OfficeSenator James Risch560 Filer Ave. Ste. ATwin Falls, ID  83301

Phone: (208) 734-6780

Meridian OfficeCongressman Walt Minnick33 E. Broadway Avenue, Ste. 251Meridian, ID  83642

Phone: (208) 888-3188

Twin Falls OfficeCongressman Mike Simpson1341 Fillmore St. #202Twin Falls, ID  83301

Phone: (208) 734-7219

Fax: (208) 734-7244

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